The focus was on natural stone at Marmomac 2023 as key players in the industry, including distributors, contractors, and designers, gathered at the renowned trade show. Held in Verona, Italy, the event showcased the timeless beauty of marble and other fine stones, attracting over 1,500 companies from 54 countries. Attendees celebrated the versatility of natural stone and explored its various applications in architecture, design, and innovation.

During four days at the end of September, a diverse community comprising prominent distributors, contractors, buyers, architects, and designers gathered to contemplate the future of natural stone at Marmomac. Federico Bricolo, president of Veronafiere, the expansive 350,000-square-meter exhibition space hosting the event, described Marmomac as a pivotal international business hub where relationships are cultivated to shape the present and future of the natural stone market. Here’s an overview of the highlights from Marmomac 2023, including emerging trends for 2024, groundbreaking innovations, notable designers, architects, and brands, as well as the recipient of the Matter of Stone award.

Exploring Natural Stone: Highlights from Marmomac 2023

Cutting Edge:

The Matter of Stone exhibit, sponsored by ELLE Decor, showcased a curated selection of captivating applications of natural stone in construction, interior design, and home furnishings. Designs ranged from classic to contemporary, with examples such as grand arches with intricate bas-relief carvings by the F.H.L. Kiriakidis Group and graphic monolithic kitchen sinks by Marmi Strada. Other installations highlighted the fluidity of stone, featuring Möbius-like table bases and sculptures resembling ribbon curls. Notably, Nikolaus Bagnara received the Matter of Stone award for his Beyond by Bagnara project, which showcased modern furniture crafted from French marble.

Technical Art:

The intersection of art, technology, and natural stone was explored in the Plus Theater in Hall 10, where workshops and talks delved into the relationship between stone, machinery, design, and art. The highlight was the Applaud installation, where visitors witnessed a robot carving a sculpture called Fragment from a block of Cammeo Imperiale marble. Artist Raffaello Galiotto curated the Herbarium Mirabile, showcasing 17 plant-like sculptures carved from marbles of various colors.

Schools of Rock:

The Marmomac Meets Academies initiative facilitated exchanges among scholars from international universities, polytechnic institutes, and art academies, covering topics such as 3D printing, eco-friendly processes, and the application of thin stone slabs. Renowned architect Mario Botta emphasized the timeless appeal of natural stone in architecture, highlighting its ability to evolve over time and enrich the human landscape with its enduring beauty and versatility.